Event Title Event Dates
Guided Meditation - De-stressing and finding calmness 04/02/21

Course Closed
Training Area Staff Development Specific AreaMental Health and Wellbeing
Course Type Workshop
Closing Date 01/02/21
Main TrainerRobert Holmes
Target background requirements
Student Year 1; Student Year 2; Student Year 3; Student Year 4; Student Year 5; Student Year 6; Student Year 7; Student Year 8; Student Year 9; Student Year 10; Student Year 11; Student Year 12; Student Year 13; Student Year 14; Student Year 15; Staff
Workshop summary
Learn how guided meditation can bring you to a state of calmness and clear focus. Meditation is enjoyable and beneficial to your state of mind. Its benefits can include deep relaxation, clearer thought processes, a feeling of rejuvenation, improved sleep patterns, and assistance in pain management.

It’s also very easy! In this workhop you’ll learn how to find a no-more-than-two-minutes-away calm place you can go to internally when feeling stressed. You’ll also enjoy a longer spoken guided meditation to relax you, and anchor this state of calm in your mind so it’s never far from reach.

• Please join the webinar at the advertised start time.
• Please decide beforehand if you’ll listen at your desk, or some distance from your computer with the volume up, and arrange seating accordingly. Ideally you would sit upright, on a chair or on the floor. But if that’s not comfortable, please lie down with shoulders and head slightly raised, to avoid falling asleep.
• Please also have a glass of water to hand for the end.

Aims and Objectives
• To share what guided meditation is, and how it can assist you.
• To help you create a simple, personally tailored technique that you can use to reach a state of focus and relaxation in the workplace when you need to de-stress.
• To enjoy a longer guided meditation, providing relaxation and release from worries.

Pre-session Requirements
No previous experience of meditation is required.

On-the-Day Details
Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of the workshop, to allow the facilitator to distribute materials.