Event Title Event Dates
Coaching Approaches 29/01/21  to  05/03/21

Course Closed
Training Area Staff Development Specific AreaManagement
Course Type Workshop
Closing Date 26/01/21
Main TrainerMichele Armstrong
Target background requirements
Workshop summary
This workshop takes place over multiple sessions. For full details please see the Sessions tab. Participants are required to attend all sessions
This short programme will be delivered in 6 weekly x 1 hour zoom calls and backed up by access to supporting materials on the Acorn Principle virtual learning environment (VLE).
Over the weeks we will be exploring what coaching is and what it is not, sharing experiences of coaching and exploring of how this approach differs from other supporting roles such as mentoring or counselling.

We will be engaging with the coaching approach through skills awareness and practice and this will deepen an understanding of the underpinning principles.

On a practical basis, we will introduce a coaching conversational tool that provides a useful structure for working effectively with individuals and groups. Participants will have opportunities to try out the tools shared.

We work on the principle of reflection on action drawing out the learning from the gap between each session.
The final sessions will help us in exploring effective applications of the coaching approaches we have been learning whether in personal contexts or in the workplace.

Throughout the course we will engage in coaching practise to embed the learning, further develop the competencies and introduce some excellent tools, tips and techniques.

Aims and Objectives
Aim: To equip participants with the skills, knowledge and awareness for applying a coaching approach to day to day practice.

Learning Objectives:
Participants will gain a thorough understanding of coaching what it is, how it works and how it can be applied in practice.
Participants will build on existing interpersonal skills and learn new ways of thinking and communicating effectively with others.
Participants will learn effective techniques for getting the best out of the people they work with and will begin to develop a tool kit that they can draw on in any situation.
Participants will experience coaching for themselves thus gaining an understanding of its value and how it feels to be on the receiving end.
Participants will develop confidence in using a coaching approach in their day to day work and become more self-aware.
Participants will identify opportunities for applying their new knowledge, skills and understanding to work situation.

Pre-session Requirements
3 preparatory questions to reflect on (and capture reflections in a notebook to bring with you)

On-the-Day Details
Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of the webinar.