Event Title Event Dates
Planning and Structuring Your Thesis 25/01/21

Course Closed
Training Area Researcher and Academic Development Specific AreaKnowledge Base (A1)
Course Type Workshop
Closing Date 22/01/21
Main TrainerGordon Spark
Target background requirements
Student Year 2; Student Year 3; Student Year 4; Student Year 5; Student Year 6; Student Year 7; Student Year 8; Student Year 9; Student Year 10; Student Year 11; Student Year 12; Student Year 13; Student Year 14; Student Year 15; Blended Off Campus; Distance Learning; Distance Learning Other; Full Time; Full Time Other; Part Time; Part Time Other; Writing-Full Time; Writing-Part Time
Workshop summary
In this flipped workshop, you will first engage with online materials and activities which will cover possible formats of a thesis and will explore the role of individual chapters. We will also consider how these individual chapters might themselves be structured to best ensure the overall coherence of the thesis.

Participants will then have the opportunity to share their thoughts on the structure of their own work and refine this in light of the discussion which follows in the live workshop.

Aims and Objectives
To identify the overall structure and key features of a thesis in your own discipline area
To emphasise the importance of structural coherence in the thesis and within individual chapters, and to consider how this coherence can be achieved
To identify the role of individual chapters within the overall structure of your thesis
To help you identify and refine your own thesis plan

Pre-session Requirements
Participants should work through the Sway resource and engage with the activities suggested there before attending the live online workshop. The workshop provides an opportunity to explore some of these areas in more detail and to ask any questions arising from working through the Sway.

On-the-Day Details
Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of the webinar.

Researcher Development Framework (RDF)
Knowledge Base (A1)