Event Title Event Dates
Objective Setting and Review (OSaR) - OSaR Conversations 25/01/21

Course Closed
Training Area Staff Development Specific AreaLegal and Organisational Awareness
Course Type Workshop
Closing Date 22/01/21
Main TrainerEithne Graham
Target background requirements
Workshop summary
You will learn the background to OSaR and why the meetings are an important factor in enabling the University to meet its aims and objectives. You will be guided through the content of an OSaR meeting and the skills necessary to successfully participate in or lead an OSaR review. You will become familiar with the documentation used and focus on setting objectives, learning about SMART objectives, how to write them, and having a career planning discussion.

Aims and Objectives
To understand the benefits of having OSaR Conversations
To demystify the OSaR process and paperwork
To be able to participate in your OSaR fully
To understand how to write good objectives, and give and receive feedback
To have a toolkit of skills to help you engage with OSaR Conversations during the year

Pre-session Requirements
Please read or take your own OSaR with you

On-the-Day Details
Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the start of the workshop.

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