Event Title Event Dates
Research Integrity - PGRs 29/01/21

Course Closed
Training Area Researcher and Academic Development Specific AreaProfessional Conduct (C1)
Course Type Workshop
Closing Date 26/01/21
Main TrainerSophie Welsh
Target background requirements
Student Year 1; Student Year 2; Student Year 3; Student Year 4; Student Year 5; Student Year 6; Student Year 7; Student Year 8; Student Year 9; Student Year 10; Student Year 11; Student Year 12; Student Year 13; Student Year 14; Student Year 15; Blended Off Campus; Distance Learning; Full Time; Full Time Other; Part Time; Part Time Other; Writing-Full Time; Writing-Part Time
Workshop summary
Formerly known as 'Responsible and Ethical Practice in Research and Publication'
This workshop complements the University of Dundee’s online Research Integrity resource:
Responsible and Ethical Practice in Research and Publication. It is strongly recommended that you complete the online training as preparation for this workshop.

As a researcher you are responsible for maintaining your own integrity and the integrity of your research outputs. But what does integrity look like, and why does it matter, within a research context?

Through small group discussion and exploration of case studies, this workshop provides an opportunity for you to consider your own understandings of good research practice, supports you in making informed choices based on the principles of research integrity, and considers how you can support a culture of integrity within and beyond your discipline.

Aims and Objectives
This workshop is designed to:
• introduce principles of research integrity within the context of the research lifecycle, and enable reflection on your own research practice
• identify potential challenges to good research practice, and how you can support yourself as you navigate the evolving research environment
• consider the consequences of and responses to breaches of research integrity for the individual and the academic community
• explore researcher responsibilities and introduce strategies for contributing to a culture of integrity

On completing this workshop you will have:
• an understanding of the principles of research integrity, and the relevance to your own role and the academic community more broadly
• an appreciation of the types of challenges which may occur in your research environment, and the sources of support and guidance available
• increased clarity as to your own responsibilities, and priorities, as a researcher at the University of Dundee
• a greater confidence in maintaining your own integrity and supporting that of your research colleagues

On-the-Day Details
Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of the workshop, to allow the facilitator to distribute materials.

Refreshments will be provided

Researcher Development Framework (RDF)
Professional Conduct (C1)