Event Title Event Dates
Unconscious Bias - Relevance and Risk 25/10/21

Training Area Staff Development Specific AreaLegal and Organisational Awareness
Course Type Workshop
Closing Date 22/10/21
Main TrainerJoan Robertson
Target background requirements
Student Year 1; Student Year 2; Student Year 3; Student Year 4; Student Year 5; Student Year 6; Student Year 7; Student Year 8; Student Year 9; Student Year 10; Student Year 11; Student Year 12; Student Year 13; Student Year 14; Student Year 15; Staff
Workshop summary
We will look at stereotyping and bias, why it happens, and the relationship with discrimination. We will consider the potential impact on individuals and groups in the University setting and some steps we can take to reduce detriment.

Aims and Objectives
The aim of the course is to raise of awareness of how stereotyping and unconscious bias can influence the decisions we take, to identify where these matters are likely to impact on the University and to provide some direction on how minimise that impact.

Pre-session Requirements

On-the-Day Details
Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of the workshop.